Where is Dharavi Island? Who are the East Indians? How is day to day life on the island today?

Not to be confused with the suburb of Dharavi in Central Mumbai, this island is one of the last remaining sanctuaries of pristine natural beauty and coastal life in Mumbai. Stretching from Manori in the south to Dongri in the north, the island is filled with beaches, rice fields, salt pans and mangroves. 

The island is home to many East Indians – an indigenous people from the Mumbai region who converted to Christianity during the Portuguese rule. On this experience, we will learn about local East Indian customs, traditions and professions – and life on the island today.

As we journey through the dramatic landscape of the island, past beautiful beaches, sea-cliffs and dense forests, we will also visit medieval churches, picture-perfect villages and ancient ruins and markers from times gone by.

Once you are well versed with East Indian history and culture, we will experience it hands on with an authentic East Indian lunch!