Where is Vasai Fort? What is the story of this medieval sea fort? What important events took place here over the past centuries?

One of the largest forts in the Mumbai Metropolitan region, Vasai Fort, located in the small town of Vasai, is not just an oasis of green in a space starved city, it is a site of immense historical importance. The events that took place here have a very direct impact on every Mumbaikar’s life. Spread over 110 acres today, this fort is less than an hour away from Mumbai, but will take you hundreds of years back in time.

On our Vasai Fort Walk you will time-travel with our team of local experts, part of the Vasai Heritage Group. Some of them have a direct connection and lineage to the fort and for them it is more than just a heritage site, but a living remnant of the roots of their culture. Over the course of three hours, you will hear tales of this opulent heritage structure and understand the strategic importance of this fort, learn about the Portuguese and Maratha reigns, their way of life, culture, customs, and tales of wars and treaties signed.

We will also be treated to great views of the fort’s structures, its surroundings and a sweeping view of the Arabian sea and the Ulhas river creek. If time and the weather permits, we will also visit a secret tunnel that runs beneath the fort. 

The walk has been curated by Pascal Lopes, who is also from Vasai and is one of the leading experts on the fort and its history. A highly-regarded historian, Pascal holds a master’s degree in Numismatics & Archeology from the University of Mumbai and has profound knowledge of medieval Indian history, as he researches for his PHD around the Portuguese and Maratha Era using ancient coins. 

Meeting point: Statue of Chimaji Appa, at the center of the fort.

Duration: 3 Hours


Meet our local expert

Upon reaching the meeting point in Vasai Fort, you will be greeted by our heritage expert.

Learn about the fort’s past

Hear tales about the trade affairs, architectural insight and statecraft of the rulers who ruled from this fort. Under the expertise of our heritage expert, you will decipher inscriptions, observe paintings, carvings and other historical records of the Portuguese and the Maratha legacies. 

Marvel at medieval architecture

The fort’s churches, ramparts, facades and cloisters have witnessed stories of an eventful past. Our experts will engage you with these architectural marvels to unlock mysteries and take you back in time.

Understand its fortifications

Vasai Fort was difficult to conquer because of its strategic position. It used to be surrounded by the sea on three sides and land only on one of its sides. On this walk you will decode the mystery of how it was conquered by the Marathas despite its seemingly invincible fortifications.

Escape through a secret tunnel (optional)

A secret tunnel will offer you an adventure of its own! Crawl through a tunnel under the fort walls under the guidance of our local experts, who will reveal to you why the tunnel was built.


A guided walk of Vasai Fort with a heritage expert


Transport to and from the meeting point

Meals, food or drinks (can be arranged for customised visits)

Anything not mentioned in inclusions

To bring:

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as we will walk 2-3 km around the fort

A bottle of water (non-disposable bottles preferred)

Cap and sunglasses

Camera (optional)

Curiosity (compulsory!)

Please note that food is not included, however we shall be stopping for a short tea/coffee break mid-way through the walk, where one can order tea/coffee and some snacks as per their own discretion. You can also eat food that you have brought for yourself.

How to reach Vasai Fort:

By public transport (recommended) – Take a local train to Vasai Road, get out at Vasai West and then catch a bus or take a rickshaw to Vasai Fort.

By private car – Ample parking is available for free inside the fort. Approximate taken from Bandra (BKC) is around 1 hour 20 minutes without traffic.