Who are the Warlis? What is Warli Art? What message does their culture and way of life convey to us in this modern age? 

On our Warli Tribe Village Experience we visit the Warlis in their heartland, only a few hours north of Mumbai. We will immerse ourselves in the animistic culture of the Warlis under the expertise of our local expert, Sanjay, and his family. He comes from the Warli tribe and is an internationally acclaimed artist.

Dating back to thousands of years, Warli Art depicts the tribe’s culture, traditions and customs through simple shapes and figures that are derived from nature. Even today, paintings and murals can be seen on mud walls of the traditional houses in Sanjay’s village. On this visit, he will show us around his village and engage us with stories and folk tales of the Warlis. 

To further understand the culture of the nature-worshipping Warli tribe, we try our hands on an interactive Warli painting workshop. This workshop is conducted by Sanjay inside a traditional Warli house full of Warli artworks, murals and paintings for more inspiration! 

Duration: 4 hours, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Meeting point: A village near Vangaon, Maharashtra, easily accessible by local train or private car from Mumbai. We will share more details about the meeting point once you have booked.


Home-made Breakfast 

Upon reaching the village, you will be served freshly made and locally-sourced breakfast.

Village Walk

Our local expert will then take you on a village walk to introduce you to Warli culture, show you traditional Warli wall murals and the organic farms of the village. 

Warli Art Workshop

You will then head indoors where our local expert will conduct an interactive Warli Art workshop where you will learn to draw and paint these tribal art forms by yourselves. You will also hear about traditional folk tales, myths and legends that have been passed down from generations through Warli paintings.

Traditional Warli Lunch

You will then be served a traditional Warli lunch, made with locally grown and sourced ingredients fresh from the farms around you! 

Artisanal handicrafts

As a souvenir, you will get to take the painting made by you during the art workshop back home. You can also purchase elaborate paintings and traditional hand-carved products directly from the immensely talented tribal artisans of the village.


Interactive Warli Art painting session under the expertise of Sanjay, our local expert and an internationally acclaimed artist

Interactive visit of the Warli village, its organic farms, plantations and a traditional Warli temple

Homemade and organic, traditional Warli breakfast and lunch

Opportunity to buy Warli Art directly from local artisans (optional)


Transport from Mumbai to the Warli Village

Anything not mentioned under inclusions

Fees: ₹1500 per head

To book please contact us via email at or Whatsapp/Call us at 9137279060.

How to reach:

By train (recommended):You can reach there in under 2 hours from Andheri by taking the 7:38 AM Dahanu Road Fast, which also stops at Borivali, Bhayander and Vasai. Get off at Vangaon station at 9:24 AM and take a short 5 minute rickshaw ride to the Warli Village.

By car: Around 130 km from Mumbai (BKC) via the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway. Total time taken to reach is approximately 2-2:30 hours in the morning. You should be back in Mumbai by 4:30 pm.

Make an impact:

Swadesee offers authentic, eco-friendly community-led experiences in Maharashtra. On every Swadesee experience that is booked, we ensure that the majority of the revenue generated goes back to the community. We consider our local experts as leaders and owners of the experience. 

By choosing this Swadesee experience, you will directly empower the Warli community that is struggling to fight for the ownership of the rights of their traditional artworks and artforms, even as they are becoming increasingly popular around the world. 

The experience follows traditional zero-waste principles and is eco-conscious, as we ensure that you would not generate any inorganic waste while in the village.